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A cavity can grow despite your best efforts to keep your teeth clean and your mouth healthy, and you will require a filling to restore and maintain your tooth. Dental fillings necessitate the removal of decaying or damaged tooth structures. Your dentist will cleanse the tooth and refill the missing region once the decaying portion has been removed. Fillings protect the tooth from additional deterioration and help preserve it to continue to function as it should.

What Are The Different Types Of Dental Fillings?

There was a point when silver amalgam was the sole option for fillings. Today’s dental technology, on the other hand, has created significantly more appealing and varied solutions. The five most prevalent types of dental filling materials available today are below.

  • Amalgam

Amalgam fillings have been around in the United States for more than a century. They’re silver fillings manufactured from a combination of silver, copper, and mercury, tin, and zinc. Mercury accounts for roughly half of the total content. Amalgam fillings are the cheapest dental filling option and are typically used to fill more prominent teeth like molars.

Some people have raised concerns throughout the years about the material used in amalgam fillings, particularly mercury. However, the mercury used in fillings is safe, according to the ADA (American Dental Association), because it is stable once mixed with the other metals and it is not separate from the filling. According to the ADA, there have been no significant studies that validate the dangers of amalgam fillings.

  • Resin Composite

Composite resin fillings are constructed of a plastic-glass powder mixture that is cured with a specific light. In the United States, this is the most often utilized substance for dental fillings. The clean, white look of these fillings and the fact that they mirror the color of healthy teeth are likely factors in their appeal. Most people today opt for these fillings for aesthetic reasons.

  • Ceramics

Ceramic fillings are used to repair cavities and damaged teeth. The material is exceptionally durable but can be as costly as gold. Ceramic or porcelain fillings typically require at least a couple of appointments, as they must be made first and then put later, similar to gold fillings.

Ceramic fillings are more expensive than amalgam fillings, but they offer significant advantages. They are not only resilient but also exceedingly smooth, making them easy to clean. Many people like ceramics because they can be precisely matched to the color of your teeth.

  • Glass Ionomer

Glass ionomer is a composite material made of glass and acrylic particles. Glass Ionomers, like composite fillings, can be toughened using a specifically tailored light. Fillings in visible or front teeth and challenging conditions such as deterioration near the base/root of the tooth are commonly filled using this material.

While glass Ionomer inlays are white, they may not blend in like composite fillings with the current tooth color. This material is more expensive and maybe weaker than composite or amalgam. Glass Ionomer may be more successful when mixed with composite material. In this case, it is applied in layers that must be hardened one at a time, lengthening the application process.

  • Cast Gold

Cast gold fillings fill voids with gold, alloys, copper, and other metals. These fillings are the most long-lasting (up to 20 years). On the other hand, gold fillings are the most expensive, costing up to ten times more than amalgam and composites fillings. Cast gold inlays/fillings, on the other hand, need more than one clinic visit because they are molded and must be created first, then inserted at a later session. Aside from endurance, many people prefer the appearance of gold fillings and specialized dental inlays.

While composite fillings can restore and preserve decaying teeth, the best method to safeguard and maintain your teeth is to avoid needing one. Maintaining proper oral hygiene, which includes brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day, and visiting your dentist for routine examinations and cleanings, is still the best approach to care for your teeth. Like most other things, prevention is better than care for your teeth.

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The Best Dental Services in Goose Greek 

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