Smile is the best therapy.

It is a wonderful beauty remedy, an expression of kindness, and a universal language that helps you to connect with people with relative ease.

To have a dazzling and confident smile, it is a must to take good care of your teeth, which is only possible by maintaining a proper oral hygiene routine.

As a dentist, I’ve noticed that oral health is a quite marginalized topic in society. People don’t give much attention to their dental hygiene until they face oral problems, making them visit my Goose Creek dental clinic and consult for suitable procedures. Considering this, I’m drafting this post to make you all recall why it is important to stick with a good dental care routine to own a healthy, pearly-white smile. Have a read and know things better-

What will happen if you don’t care for your oral hygiene?

Our mouth is the first and foremost source of almost every intake we give to our body. We eat food, drink water, and crack snacks, which all pass through our teeth and mouth into our stomachs.

If you don’t practice good oral hygiene like brushing, rinsing, and flossing, you might develop dental issues and periodontal diseases that affect the tissues and bones supporting your teeth. With ignorance, you also allow plaque to sit in the mouth, which eventually becomes tartar and hurts the overall oral health. This is why it is vital to visit a good dentist once in a while to get our dental health checked on time. A timely meeting with a dentist can save you from oral troubles and gum diseases like cavities, root canals, or pyria and splurging much on costly dental treatments.

How To Be Aware Of Oral Hygiene

  • Self-education

The first step begins with our own self. You should know all the basic teeth care routines. Teeth cleaning should be done twice a day with a soft toothbrush and fine-quality toothpaste. To avoid bad breath, mouthwash can be used right after brushing your teeth or even after having food. Overlooking in basic cleaning of teeth can cause cavities and severe gum diseases.

  • Dental Appointments

It would help if you always took out some time to visit a dentist. In case of a toothache, visit the dentist immediately because it can further result in serious oral issues. The advice of a dentist should be strictly followed. After the course, pay a dentist visit again to ensure recovery of the infected tooth as a precautionary measure. Dental charts can be used to ensure regular meetings at required intervals.

  • Care for all

Dental care is not just for an individual; it’s for everyone. Guide your family about oral diseases and why it is important to take care of your teeth. Fix a good dentist as your family dentist in Goose Creek and visit him/her with your family to protect their precious smiles.

  • Kids care

Kids are a little hard when it comes to their oral health. It is a tough task to get children to follow the oral routine. Some kids can’t even brush their teeth well by themselves; this is due to the lack of guidance. Parents should encourage kids to learn regular oral routines and brushing & flossing techniques, and they should ensure that their child follows it strictly. A pediatric dentist should be consulted regarding kids’ dental care and problems.

  • Gum diseases

Sometimes it happens that your teeth are fine, but your mouth gives out a bad odour. In situations like these, see your dentist as soon as possible because it can be gum disease.

Gum diseases like Gingivitis and Periodontitis are severe gum infections. If Gingivitis is not treated on time, it advances to Periodontitis. Gum inflammation and bleeding are the signs of Gingivitis while brushing your teeth; if gums start bleeding easily, you need to get it to check up before it turns into a more severe infection. In some severe cases, gums get permanently damaged, and teeth start falling. Always remember never to underestimate even a little gum problem because it can get critical over time, so visit your dentist and take complete treatment to ensure your teeth are sparkling white and healthy.

On Extreme Essentiality Of Oral Hygiene, Here Are Some Important Tips

  • In case of any dental emergency, get to the dentist without taking the time.
  • If you have a root canal, try to follow proper eating habits during the treatment. Eat from the opposite side of the mouth that is being treated. Don’t eat hard or sticky food, and don’t drink extremely hot or icy water or beverage. If not taken proper care of, a root canal can occur again, so try to take care of it during and after the treatment.
  • Don’t be harsh while brushing your teeth. Brush them softly with care as too hard brushing tears down the enamel, which is the protective layer of our teeth, and it can turn your teeth yellow and vulnerable to cavity infection.
  • Always use trusted oral products brands- for the best results, concern your dentist about the products and make the best buy.

I hope this helps! Try to follow and maintain all the instructions above to have perfect dental health and a sparkling smile.

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