Parents habitually prioritize oral health in kids. Of course, you would be consulting an emergency dentist in case of tooth injuries or damages in your children. However, you need to consult your family dentistry for professional guidance on maintaining healthy teeth. Your child would be growing up fast after a few months. Even before you get to know, he or she might be growing the first tooth. As a concerned parent, you must take care to ensure that they get proper care for their teeth right from the outset. Poor oral care may cause different teeth issues, diseases, and infections in the long run.

At Huch Family Dentistry, we continue to provide holistic care for teeth. Our ambit of services includes emergency dental care for kids and adults. In this post, we have come up with comprehensive guidance on how you can take care of your children’s teeth.

What makes baby teeth important?

Baby teeth fall out after a few years. However, parents need to ensure the proper health and safety of their teeth. Remember, you would love to see your baby smile, speak, and eat as they grow up throughout their initial years. Teeth have a crucial role to play in all these activities. Therefore, the role of your kids’ teeth goes beyond eating and chewing food. In case you notice any abnormality with regard to the growth of baby teeth in your child, make sure to consult a dentist.

Moreover, adult teeth replace baby teeth after six to seven years. In the jaws, the baby teeth would keep the necessary space for adult teeth. In case of damage to these teeth resulting from falls or accidents, reach out to professionals for emergency dental services. The reason is, damage to teeth in the initial years may affect the structure of other teeth and the facial looks in course of time.

How many times a day should a child brush their teeth?

Kids should brush their teeth twice a day, in the morning and night. The first few years are crucial, given that children consume lots of sweets and chocolates. Eventually, they get cavities in their teeth. Make sure to provide them with fluoride toothpaste, which can ward off the chances of getting cavities significantly. Here are a few tips that our dentists recommend to parents.

  • For newborn kids, you need to use a wet pad or cloth for wiping the gums. This would keep the mouth cleaner until they are old enough to brush the teeth.
  • For kids aged under 3 years, the amount of toothpaste should be small. To give you an idea, the quantity of toothpaste should not be more than a rice grain.
  • For kids older than 3 years, the amount of toothpaste should be the size of a pea.
  • Initially, you need to assist your kids to brush their teeth for a few minutes. Once you are sure that they have learned to brush every corner of their mouth, you can leave it to them.

How do you take care of your toddler’s teeth?

Have a look at these guidelines, that would help your child get healthy teeth.

Clean the teeth as they appear

  • At the outset, the two lower teeth at the front are likely to erupt in kids when they are around 6 months old. You may clean these teeth with your finger, or a soft piece of gauze or cloth.
  • When your kids are around 12 months old, consult your family dentist and get them in an infant brush.
  • As your child grows to 18 months, you may introduce fluoride toothpaste for kids.
  • By the age of two, your child should have the complete set of 20 baby teeth.
  • Floss between the teeth in case you find that two teeth are touching. This would remove food between gums and eventually prevent cavities.

Take care of their diet

Baby teeth are delicate, which makes it necessary for parents to take care of their diets. Soda and fruit juice, for instance, contain high acidic or sugar content. This can prove detrimental to their teeth. Make sure to limit the intake of sugary food like chocolates, cookies, and sweet biscuits. Acid and sugar can weaken the enamel or the outer shell of the teeth. This exposes the kids to the risk of developing cavities in their teeth during their initial years.

Talk to your dentist about sealants

A sealant refers to a special type of coating on the molars of the child. In case your kid’s teeth hurt, you may reach out to the dentist, seeking the recommendation to use a sealant. This would protect the child from painful cavities on the tooth surfaces. Under several conditions, parents wonder ‘Where can I find a reliable emergency dentist near me’ when they find their kids intense tooth pain. You may reach out to us for timely and professional care.

Visit your dentist regularly

Make regular visits for checking up on your kid’s oral health frequently. Given that the child would have some of the teeth by the first birthday, visit the dentist around that time for a checkup. In case the child has cavities or plaque, the dentist will tell you. Besides, experienced professionals working with us comprehensively guide parents on how to take care of their kid’s teeth.

How can I make my kid’s teeth stronger?

Our dentists recommend the following measures to retain strong teeth in your kids.

  • Include calcium-rich foods in their diet, including dairy products, soybean, almonds, kale, and canned fish.
  • Avoid excessively acidic or sugary food and drinks.
  • Make sure to floss and brush their teeth regularly.
  • Limit the consumption of citrus fruits in kids.
  • Rinse the teeth following the intake of citrus fruits, if they eventually have them.
  • Get a toothpaste with good fluoride content for your kids.

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