The continuing progress seen in dentistry offered the best solutions for many people. Before, they only used dentures as the answer for lost teeth. Today, most dentists are fixing a lost tooth or teeth with dental implants. 

Both dental implants and dentures can help a dentist in restoring your confidence as a person. After a successful treatment, you can smile again and keep a healthier mouth. 

Before you choose, it is essential to understand their differences. Doing this can help you get the right solution for your dental problem. 

Difference Between Dental Implants and Dentures

1. Dental Implants

Dentists use these artificial teeth to replace a decayed or fallen-out tooth. With this dental treatment, you can ask the dentist to replace as many teeth as you want. 

Implanting new artificial teeth will not affect your other teeth during the process.   

Some people do not consider dental implants and hesitate to have one. These implants look like natural teeth. You will not feel like you lost a tooth after the treatment.   

Here are some important reasons why dental implants can be helpful:

  • You have no removable dentures 
  • Makes you feel comfortable 
  • Safe for your dentures 
  • It can support any gap in your teeth.

2. Dentures

Most dentists use dentures as prosthetic devices for proper dental care. Their materials include soft and hard tissues designed to complete the space left by missing teeth.    

A dentist can help you with this option if you want removable and conventional dentures. Another interesting choice is the hybrid option that combines a dental implant. This option will create a non-removable or permanent dental solution. 

Here are the common types of dentures:

  • Partial dentures 
  • Complete dentures

Most dental clinics today offer modern and high-quality dentures. These are now more popular than those odd-looking dentures. Because they can now customize dentures, they can fit perfectly into your mouth. 

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Implants And Dentures?

To help you choose the best, you must determine the pros and cons of dental implants and dentures.  

Pros of Dental Implants Pros

  • Provides natural-looking teeth replacement
  • A long-term or lifetime dental solution
  • They fuse to the jaw bone 
  • Does not require special cleaning 
  • Does not require frequent maintenance or replacement  
  • Replace tooth roots 
  • Support bone health
  • Stable when you speak and eat

Cons of Dental Implants

  • The placement requires surgery 
  • A longer process that may take a year
  • Most expensive dental treatment
  • Can feel the pain while recovering after surgery
  • May need a sinus lift or bone graft 

Pros of Dentures 

  • Affordable 
  • Looks aesthetic 
  • Does not require surgery 
  • Prevent your mouth from sagging inside 
  • A quick dental fix solution 
  • Suitable even if you have a weak gum or jaw

Cons of Dentures 

  • It can become loose easily 
  • Makes a quick sharp noise
  • Requires periodical replacement 
  • Does not prevent bone deterioration 
  • Needs regular cleaning 
  • Needs replacement after a few years
  • Unfit dentures may cause infection or decay 

Here is The List of Dental Implants Advantages

1. Matches your teeth naturally 

You choose from the different sizes and shapes of dental implants. You must inform your dentist to get the best design and color that matches your teeth naturally. The implants must fit properly within the gap and surrounding of your teeth.  

2. Prevents loss of bone mass

Lost teeth usually cause loss of bone mass in the jaw. Your jawbone needs proper stimulation when you connect your teeth to maintain normal bone mass. Dental implants can prevent bone mass loss by replacing your jaw bone stimulation.

3. Restores your force when you bite

Your dentist will anchor the implants with a titanium post into your jaw to replace the tooth root. This kind of dental procedure restores your force when you bite. The feeling is similar when you have your natural teeth. 

4. Helps prevent shape and facial changes 

The teeth support the facial structure, and when you lose teeth, it can alter the shape of your face. If this happens, you will look old because your face lacks the support it needs. Dental implants can provide the exact support to prevent any changes.  

Which Is Right For You?

Dental implants provide the best experience than dentures if you want natural-looking teeth. Implants are better and fit perfectly like your original teeth. They do not slip, ensure comfort, and permanent solutions for your dental care needs. 

Dentures are less expensive but are not stable because the dentist clasp on the bony ridges. Implants will keep you healthy and ensure your natural chewing ability. Using your toothbrush and dental floss, you can clean your implants just like your natural teeth.


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