How often do you repent of having a cracked, decayed, broken, or damaged tooth? Even a missing tooth can mess up with the way you used to smile! Well, you would never want tooth issues to rob you of your facial beauty, right? Once you reach out to your family dentist, the expert would, of course, recommend you to go for a dental bridge or a dental crown. Eventually, you can restore your original looks when you smile.

Established dental clinics have experienced dentists working with them. They examine damaged teeth and recommend installing dental crowns and bridges. With dental crowns installed, you can enhance the appearance of your damaged tooth. On the other hand, dental bridges serve as a viable solution for replacing gaps in case of missing teeth.

When do dentists recommend installing dental crowns?

Experienced professionals at leading clinics such as Huch Family Dentistry recommend installing dental caps to cover damaged teeth. In case you experience any of the following conditions, you would need a dental cap.

  • Your tooth has weakened and developed cracks
  • You had a root canal in the past
  • You need to cover up an ugly tooth and enhance your smile
  • Your cavity is too large to be handled in a conventional way

When do dentists recommend installing dental bridges?

In case you have a missing tooth, a gap appears in that space. This results in the weakening of the adjacent teeth, as they lack support by their side. In this case, your family dentist might advise you to get a dental bridge installed. This works as a false tooth, anchoring the area. While the false teeth are referred to as pontic teeth, the anchor teeth are referred to as abutment teeth. With a professional dental bridge installation, you can enjoy several benefits.

  • You can regain your beautiful smile
  • You would be able to chew food and speak properly
  • The teeth won’t be drifting in your oral cavity

How do professional dentists install crowns and bridges in your teeth?

When you reach out to your family dentist, the experts would recommend several tests, including x-rays. In the process, the professionals come up with a personalized strategy for you. In case you need a crown, the dentist would treat the area with local anesthesia. At established dental clinics, dentists deploy special equipment to prepare the area, eliminating damaged tissues. Next, the experts will take an impression and prepare the crown accordingly. In most clinics, dentists install a temporary crown, while they prepare the customized one for you. It might take a few days or a week time to make this crown.

In case you need a bridge, the procedure would be similar. At the outset, the family dentist; would consider several aspects when it comes to installing dental bridges or crowns. Some of these elements including the individual’s dental records, aesthetics, and durability. While making the customized crowns and bridges, these factors are taken into consideration. For instance, each individual may have a different choice while choosing the crown material. While many people prefer a natural look and go for porcelain crowns, others prefer gold crowns, if the tooth is not visible.

Besides, you need to be right with the fitting. With accurate fitting, the crown would be covering the place for a long time. This justifies why dentists recommend getting your dental bridges and crowns customized.

Enhancing your smile with a dental bridge

With a professionally installed dental bridge, you can restore your smile. As long as you have healthy teeth on both sides of the gap, you can get a dental bridge installed. People can even get their molars replaced with dental bridges. Dentists install a false tooth in the area where you have a missing tooth. The other teeth by the sides hold this tooth in place. Dental bridges are generally made of porcelain. For missing teeth, bridges can be an excellent cosmetic solution.

 Installing dental crowns at reputed clinics

Your family dentist may recommend a dental crown, considering that these are versatile indeed to address issues like misshapen or discolored teeth. Besides, crowns can effectively hold dental implants, while protecting weak teeth. Ultimately, you can get your unimpressive teeth concealed. It is recommended to reach out to a leading clinic, such as Huch Family Dentistry for all sorts of dental surgeries. You can call (843) 797-0782 to fix an appointment with seasoned dentists and go for cost-effective implants.