Getting kids to brush can be tricky, but starting them early is key to develop healthy oral hygiene habits. These are a few dental care techniques, tips, and tricks that you can use to convince your kid to brush their teeth.

Rewarding Your Children For Brushing Their Teeth

Each time your child has finished brushing his teeth, reward his effort with a sticker to place on the calendar to mark a successful cleaning. Letting them choose a sticker every time will keep this an exciting surprise.

Set A Good Example

Show and tell. Set a good example and let your kids watch while you go through your flossing and brushing routine. Use gestures to help them clearly understand each critical step to the brushing process.   

Spinning A Good Story

In a story like fashion, try to explain how there are sugar bugs that live in a child’s mouth, that feeds on sugar and become ready to attack little teeth, and the only way to defeat them is to defend your mouth with a toothbrush and toothpaste. 

Keep Them Engaged

Use music, stickers, or colorful pictures around the bathroom to engage and encourage your child through a full two minutes of brushing.

 Give Them More Freedom To Participate

The Terrible 2’s – when your child insists on doing everything themselves. Although things can get messy, it should not be a deterrent for your child. Allowing them to explore not only helps develop their confidence and a sense of responsibility in them. Let them brush by themselves. Just be careful that there is always an adult present to supervise them.

Make It Enjoyable And Fun

Choose a toothpaste made, especially for children. Kids toothpaste usually comes in fun packaging and flavors, and you can find a toothpaste according to your child’s preferences, and maybe even let them choose with your guidance. For children under 3 years old, when they are just starting, there is toothpaste available that is safer to swallow as they are fluoride-free.

Let Them Brush Your Teeth or Let Them Practice on Their Favorite Toy

You can give your toothbrush to brush, but be careful so that the kids don’t put your toothbrush in their mouth.

Make Them Realize The Importance of Their Teeth

Make them realize the importance of brushing. Explain to them the importance of primary teeth and how taking good dental care of them would also be beneficial later in life.