How we love toothsome sweet delicacies!

Most of us are sugar buffs and happily consume sweet stuff without a second thought. Cakes, candies, chocolate bars, and others full of sugar edibles make our mouths water and crave for more.

But, is this something we should be proud of?

Well, not really.

From our lovely grannies to family dentists, all warn us time and time again that indulging in sweetened foods and beverages can lead to tooth decay. In fact, in some instances, it can even hurt the dental implants you might have.

In this article, we are trying to give you a detailed look at how too much consumption of sugary goodness can make you a prey of bacteria that can impact your oral health badly. Stick with this read and learn why sugar is an enemy of your teeth and healthy smile-

What sugar does to our teeth?

To put it right, eating sugar doesn’t damage our oral health.

The catch is that sugar has a magnetic effect – it attracts all bad bacteria like streptococcus mutans and streptococcus sorbrinus that produce acid inside the mouth. These acids released by bacteria after breaking down the sugar destroy and dissolve our tooth enamel, leading to cause tooth decay and other severe gum diseases. Thus, if we don’t brush or floss our teeth every day, we are certainly inviting bacteria to feast upon the sugar left on our teeth and deteriorate our oral health. Moreover, a lack of consistent oral health routine that involves visiting dentists can further worsen the issue, resulting in cavities and other dental problems.

Are all sugary foods and drinks harmful?

Generally, the food items and beverages like ice cream, hard candies, potato chips, soda, pre-packaged snacks, etc. containing processed or refined sugar should be averted due to their great contribution towards tooth decay and gum problems. Even the consumption of dried fruits, honey, acidic edibles and drinks like citrus needs to be regulated to keep the tooth issues at bay.

Does this bother you?

Well, don’t worry- that’s not the end of the world. There’s still a lot of good stuff to eat and tingle your taste buds. The dentists recommend the consumption of fiber and protein-rich food items to prevent the teeth from possible gum problems. The list of teeth healthifying food items includes cheese, leafy vegetables, nuts, fresh fruits, celery, and carrots. These eatables are believed to naturally wick away the plaque and bacteria from the surface of our teeth.

Apart from this, drinking plenty of water during and after eating to promote saliva secretion would help to wash away the bacteria and residual food particles.

Is there any safe form of sugar?

Fortunately, there’s a form of sugar which is actually safe.

Xylitol– a sugar alcohol that tastes just like sugar is believed to be a safe sweetening option. Unlike sugar, this sugar alcohol does not contain any kind of acid-fostering characteristics. The Xylitol compound is usually found in sugar-free mints, sugar-free gums, and toothpastes. These Xylitol edibles encapsulate the capability of obviating cavity-causing bacteria. As everything goes well with a prescribed amount, so is with the Xylitol. But still, we have something sweet that won’t seriously rot our teeth.

How can you fight back with sugary issues?

None of the dentists recommends us to plenarily evade all of the sweet treats, but be sure to consume it in a limited amount. After eating something sweet, remember to drink water or to rinse mouth. Moreover, follow a regular, wholesome dental care habit of brushing teeth twice a day and flossing regularly. This will assist us in preventing the possibilities of developing cavities. But amidst all this do remember to visit the dentist at proper intervals for cleanings and dental care examinations.

Additional tips for zippy teeth

Since you can’t resist sugary consumption, we are here to help you combat probable oral health issues associated. Here are some additional tips from the experts of our dental clinic at Goose Creek – read on and know how can you maintain a healthy and pearly smile for years to come-

  • Snacking can boost your cavity danger, and if you keep pulling sugar treatments from the candy bowl, it’s double the trouble.
  • Sticky sweets cling to your teeth. Like taffy and gummy bears, the stickier candies take longer to be washed away by saliva, increasing the danger of decomposition of the tooth. So, make sure to avoid eating sticky sweets.
  • Drinking fluoridated water can benefit us by averting tooth decay. If you usually drink bottled water, prefer for the ones that are fluoridated.
  • Brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes with ADA-compliant fluoride toothpaste. Remember, to substitute your toothbrush every three or 4 months or sooner if the bristles are chafed. A worn toothbrush might not do the right job of cleaning your teeth.
  • Floss your teeth once every day. Bacteria can lead to a cause of decay between teeth areas where bristles of the toothbrush are hard to reach. Therefore, flossing will help remove plaque and food particles from the teeth and below the gum line.
  • Chewing sugarless gum after meals for 20 minutes helps to decrease tooth decay, as enhanced saliva flow helps to wash out food and neutralize the acid produced by bacteria.

If you are still concerned about your sugar consumption and dental health, feel free to talk to us. Contact us for emergency dental services at Huch Family Dentistry. We have a solution for your all-family dentistry issues. Our specialized team is renowned for providing all kinds of gum disease treatments. We also cover options including oral exams, x-rays, sealants, dentures, root canals,  crowns, bridges, cleanings, extractions, bleaching and dietary recommendations for maintaining a beautiful smile. For further queries about your dental care, or to schedule an appointment, contact us at (843) 797-0782.