Toothaches and dental problems are pesky. 

Sudden pain in the tooth or inflammation of the gums is never easy to bear. The unexpected discomfort will bother you throughout the day, finally making you book an appointment with your family dentist and go through a dental treatment procedure. 

It’s important to learn the best dental care tips and ensure a regular visit to the dental clinic to prevent oral problems. It’s also vital to know about the common tooth problems and their symptoms so that you can identify the potential threats and get treatment before the situation worsens. 

Today, we have enlisted some frequently-reported tooth problems that can manifest in your mouth if you aren’t attentive to your dental care routine. Read on and learn about the causes, symptoms, and treatment options of common dental concerns – 

Cavities or Tooth Decay

Cavities or tooth decay is one of the most common problems induced by plaque formation on teeth. 

Now, what is plaque, and what causes it? 

Well, plaque is a thin and sticky biofilm caused by acid-releasing bacteria. These bacteria thrive when foods like candies, cakes, milk, soft drinks, raisins, etc., are repeatedly left on teeth, resulting in acid production. If left unaddressed, dental caries can lead to the formation of holes in teeth. 

The best way to get rid of plaque formation is by maintaining oral hygiene. A consultation from family dentistry upon the first sign of tooth decay can make it easier to treat the problem. 

Moreover, do note that children are more prone to dental caries due to chocolates and higher sugar intake. Thus, inculcating good dental habits from the beginning, as well as regular examination from a pediatric dentist, can save you from facing troubles in the long run. 

Periodontitis or Gum Infection

Periodontitis is a common gum infection that is provoked by excessive plaque formation in the mouth. It causes inflammation of the gums and destroys the bones that support the teeth structure. 

Periodontitis is a serious gum disease and never occurs out of the blue. It involves various stages as described below – 

The first step is mild periodontitis, which begins with a mild ache in the tooth and cavity formation in the mouth. Paying keen attention at this stage is crucial because the problem can be reversed at this stage. The disease, upon precipitating to higher stages, is difficult to treat.

Any mild toothache shouldn’t be ignored. An experienced Goose Creek family dentist should examine it at the earliest to avoid severe periodontitis. Dentists will check your condition and suggest the best treatment options to improve your gum infection. 

Enamel Degradation

Enamel degradation is again a common problem observed in a wide population. 

Enamel degradation is a noticeable tooth discoloration caused by sugary foods and fizzy drinks. The acids in fizzy drinks like sports drinks, soft drinks, diet coke, and wines can wear down the original color of teeth and impart a yellowish, unhealthy look. 

Often yellowish cast is considered normal, but it can degrade the entire enamel to a higher degree and cause complications like stained and overly sensitive teeth.  

A worn-out enamel cannot be reverted easily. Therefore, preventing degradation in the first place is a wise choice than seeking dentist advice. The first thing you can do is cut out on sugary foods and drinks. Second, the use of a softer toothbrush can also help you in preventing enamel degradation. Lastly, it would help if you tweaked your lifestyle, such as quitting alcohol consumption and smoking, to prevent the unsightly yellow build-up. 

Tooth or Root Infection

Root infection is a difficult situation in which bacterial invasion ruptures the entire tooth from the root. It damages the gum and pulp tissue to the extent of urgent tooth removal. 

The problem begins with a minute crack or fracture in the tooth, leading to bacterial infection. A cracked or fractured tooth is a breeding ground for bacteria. Upon reaching the root, these bacteria can cause facial swelling. 

Dentists suggest that facial swelling can be taken as a sign of serious dental problems like root infection. In such cases, root canal treatment is deemed to be an ideal solution. A root canal procedure involves extracting the infected tooth, gum, pulp tissue and then filling the empty tooth with tough material. This restores the tooth strength and prevents bacteria from invading the roots.

Dry Mouth

You are drinking enough water throughout the day, yet you feel dryness in your mouth? Perhaps bad breath too?

Well, these might be telltale signs of the frustrating dry mouth problem (Xerostomia) that robs the required lubrication (saliva) from the mouth. It can either be a side effect of prescription medicine or a problem with salivary glands. 

Saliva has antibacterial properties and acts as the mouth’s natural defense against teeth-deteriorating bacteria. It also neutralizes the acid level in the mouth and eliminates the food remnants. Without the cleansing and antibacterial effect of saliva, the mouth can become an easy target for bacteria to grow and reproduce, leading to severe dental problems. 

Here are a few tips to address the dry mouth issue – 

  • Stay hydrated – consume eight to twelve glasses of water throughout the day.
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine.
  • Use mints, chew sugar-free gums and suck candies.
  • Quit smoking – it can worsen your dry mouth condition.
  • Brush after every meal 
  • Use alcohol-free mouthwash 
  • In serious cases, consult with your family dentist.

Oral hygiene is paramount. Getting regular dental examinations is imperative to prevent tooth problems and associated medical expenses. 

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