‘You’ve got a million-dollar smile!

As a family dentist in Goose Creek, SC, I know many of you crave to hear these flattering words! People come to my dental clinic frequently with their stained teeth and ask for solutions to dazzle up their smile.

What Causes Dental Discoloration?

Wondering what makes teeth go yellow?

In most cases, the yellowish tinge on the teeth is the result of a person’s lifestyle and food choices. Apart from poor dental hygiene, consuming foods dark in color and high in tannins can lead to stained teeth, making one feel self-conscious and socially awkward. This is when one decides to reach a dentist and opt for teeth cleaning & whitening procedures to achieve a confident, pearly-white smile.

However, isn’t prevention better than cure?

It is important to avoid or moderate the consumption of certain foods and beverages that taste nice but stain your teeth to flash a healthier smile. If you care about your teeth and appearance, read on and know which eatables are worth kissing goodbye, all for good.


Yes- our beloved, all-time-favorite beverage coffee tops the list of foods that can hurt your white teeth. This morning booster and kicker of short-term memory contain tannins (acidic polyphenols) that make it one of the primary tooth-staining culprits.

It can leave permanent yellow stains on the teeth and alter the mouth’s pH balance, which further aggravates the chances of other acidic food materials damage the teeth.

So, if you want to say no to a yellowish coffee smile, ditch your coffee dose or prefer a straw that can prevent the direct contact of coffee with the teeth. You can also consider adding some milk to your coffee mug to lighten it and save your pearly whites.

Soy Sauce

If you admire Japanese or Chinese cuisine, I hate to break this to you- soy sauce can give your teeth a yellow-brown tinge.

Soy sauce is available in the form of a dark liquid that is high on sodium and is fairly concentrated, thus staining the teeth and dimming the shine of your smile. All family dentistry clinics in Goose Creek, SC, and surrounding, suggest people use soy sauce sparingly and rinsing the mouth with ample water to prevent damage.


Blueberries, which are some of the best superfoods we have today, can dull the brightness of your teeth. The vibrant hue of blueberries, in fact, other berries like blackberries, raspberries, and cranberries, can cause a staining effect on the teeth. Whether you opt to drink their juice, eat their jellies or chew them whole, the color of these berries will stick to the enamel and cause staining. To combat this, dentists recommend to finish your serving with a glass of milk and swish the mouth with water to prevent stains.

Tomato Sauce

Tomatoes are acidic in nature and contain pigmented color- no wonder why this fruit leave residue on the teeth. Be it tomato sauce, ketchup, or any other tomato-based variant; all can weaken the enamel layer and lead to unsightly staining. Its color can linger long after you finish your meal. If tomatoes are part of your regular diet, ensure that you rinse your mouth and brush well to avoid discoloration of teeth.

Candies and Sweets

Being a Pediatric dentist based out of Goose Creek, SC, I know kids love their candies and other sweets. However, it’s essential to know that apart from harming the teeth, these goodies can also cause nasty teeth stains. It’s better to eat your toothsome candies in a balanced proportion and make sure that your kids are also not overindulged in popping the sweet candies.


Just like coffee, tea is another trendy beverage that people love. However, this again leaves immediate stains on the teeth. Black tea causes yellow stains, while green tea leads to greyish-looking teeth.  Even the most light-colored teas like jasmine tea isn’t an exception; the tannins in it latch on the teeth and harm the enamel, resulting in staining that is hard to get rid of.

If you are a fan of tea, you can consider adding a dash of milk into the cup- this will not only reduce tea’s ability to stain your teeth but also incorporate calcium in your diet, which is the key to building healthy bones and teeth.

Red Wine

Teeth that have a grey tinge are generally the effect of consuming red wine for long. Wine is an acidic beverage and causes enamel erosion without fail. Again, the tannins that are found in tea and coffee are responsible for the discoloration. The bad news is that these stains are even more difficult to remove than the yellow ones.

To win the battle with red wine stains, Colgate has some great ideas- they suggest to brush and floss before you pick a glass, rinse your mouth immediately after you finish your drink, and use a whitening toothpaste. This small dental care routine will make it easier for you to enjoy your wine without worrying about stains.


Super healthy and red- yes, we are to discuss beetroot now. A beet stains everything it touches, your hands, chopping board, etc., so it’s fairly easy to guess that your teeth will also get its red and orange pigment. To beat this strong teeth-stainer, you should always consider brushing your teeth within an hour to minimize the discoloration. You can also drink water alongside to calm the effect of dental discoloration.

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