Your teeth happen to be one of the most conspicuous parts of your body when you flash your smile. Whether you have original teeth, dentures, or dental implants, you would love to retain that pearly brightness. This requires regular care to ensure that the removable dentures remain clean. This holds the secret to a healthy mouth. In case your family dentist has recommended a set of dentures to you, make sure to make the most out of them. In this post, you will get to know the best ways to maintain your dentures.

The dentist’s recommendations on dentures care

Have a look at the best practices in brief:

  • Maintain proper oral hygiene
  • Follow up with your family dentist regularly
  • Keep your dentures clean
  • Handle the dentures carefully
  • Do away with tobacco products 
  1. Remove dentures and rinse

Once you finish eating, make sure to take off your dentures and rinse them properly. Professional dentists recommend this process, as it is effective in dislodging the food particles from your dentures. This ensures that you won’t have bacteria contaminating the dentures. Make sure to place a towel in front of you, so that the denture would land softly, in case of accidental droppings. Make sure not to bend any of the metal or plastic clips.

  1. Brush your dentures softly

Experienced dentists at Huch Family Dentistry advise their patients to clean the dentures softly with a toothbrush, along with a non-abrasive cleanser. This ensures that no plaque or other deposits would accumulate on the dentures. In case you are using denture adhesive, you need to keep the grooves clean. Family dentists also advise not to apply denture cleaners in your oral cavity.

  1. Keep your dentures soaked

To ensure that the dentures retain their proper shape, you need to keep them moist. This why experienced dentists recommend soaking them in water overnight before you go to sleep. You can purchase a soft solution for soaking your denture. For any questions regarding how to go about it, you may reach out to your family dentist. Besides, the professionals would provide you with the necessary guidance during routine checkups.

  1. Schedule checkups

From time to time, you need to fix an appointment with your family dentist to ensure that the dentures are in good shape. This ensures that they would fit your oral cavity properly. During these routine follow-ups, experienced dentists at reputed clinics also examine oral health. In case you are experiencing slippage or discomfiture while using the accessories in your mouth, the experts would examine the fittings. In case you are presently encountering any such issue, you need to follow up with your doctor immediately.

  1. Avoid tobacco products

While using dentures, make sure to toss your tobacco products. No matter whether you smoke or chew tobacco, you will get the prosthetics stained in a quick time if you stick to your old habits. Besides, tobacco continues to be one of the prime reasons for gum diseases. Therefore, you need to get rid of tobacco use, so that you can maintain proper dental health. This would also ensure that the pearly white dentures do not turn reddish-brown in a few weeks!

Can you repair or adjust dentures?

If you need any sort of repairs or adjustments made to your dentures, you need to follow up with your family dentist soon after receiving them. However, make sure not to try and repair the dentures yourself. Besides, do not bend any of the metal attachments of clasps. You will eventually end up weakening the metal structure. The DIY tactics do not work in this case, so reach out to your clinic and get the problem addressed. Also, do not go for over-the-counter chemicals or glues. They often prove to be harmful.

In case you find that the dentures are misfitting, reach out to your dentist. Otherwise, it may cause damage to your gums and the mouth. If your denture accidentally breaks, reach out to the clinic. The same applies to cracks or breaks, or even if any of the teeth becomes loose. In most cases, the suppliers do the needful on the same day. However, if the repairs are complicated, they need to be dispatched to the dental laboratory.

When would your family dentist recommend replacing your dentures?

Well, every accessory comes with a definite lifeline, and you need to get the dentures remade, relined, or rebased as a result of natural aging. With prolonged use, these accessories tend to become loose. Moreover, you may experience changes in your gums or jawbones as a result of the natural aging process. However, once you get the right set of dentures, they would last for at least five to seven years. You may reach out to the seasoned experts at Huch Family Dentistry for a professional consultation. Call the dentists at (843) 797-0782 for dedicated assistance and consultation.